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Materiały źródłowe Edukacja
Desenvolvedor: Athena Vakali

Cine Metro is an application for mobile phones and tablets, which is designed and developed voluntarily by a student group of the Informatics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, under the guidance of professor Athena Vakali, in collaboration with Dr Angeliki Milonaki (journalist, film historian) and Yannis Grosdanis (journalist, film critic).The students joining the developers team are George Haristos who developed and desinged the iOS app and for the Android app Vaena Paraskevi,Kaltimiridou Effrosyni,Paniskaki Kyriaki,Papazoglou Christos-Panagiotis and Syrtari Charikleia.
The application is an educational tool aiming at informing as well as familiarizing the public about Thessaloniki’s rich cinematic history through a modern navigation experience in the city. Various city’s landmarks, which are linked to films shot in Thessaloniki, will be used as “stations”, where citizens can step by in order to see what’s available (e.g. photos, texts, videos, podcasts, etc).
Image rights are held by the respective copyright owners as indicated in the app. Photographs used in the application are kindly granted exclusively for educational purposes by the archives of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival , Finos Films and Theo Angelopoulos Society.